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Paul Zborowski is a professional/scientific photographer and author of illustrated books, articles, brochures and government publications.

Paul is offering a one day digital photography course to meet the very real need created by the sudden proliferation of digital cameras. Many organizations now own complex and multi-brand cameras for professional use. These tools have the potential to greatly improve the public relations, teaching and scientific picture output, but the advantages and the problems of the digital format, both in camera and later in the computer, are unresolved.

The course is designed to address these issues by teaching the following productive skills:

  • Basic camera vs menu controls - which are actually useful.
  • Size - the file size vs printing size vs pixel size vs resolution question.
  • Composition for different end users, in the field and by cropping.
  • Sunlight vs shade vs flash.
  • Using the many flash modes to improve field photo definition and light, especially of faces.
  • When and how to manually override the camera to improve images.
  • Depth of focus.
  • Macro photography in the field and with a microscope (optional).
  • Camera to computer transfer technology - the good and the dangerous.
  • Image storage - archiving and sharing techniques.
  • Basic image manipulation, especially resizing, for storage, the web and for the printing industry.
  • Basic Photoshop manipulation of images to improve definition.
  • Discussion of problem solving based on images brought in by participants.

Organisations like AQIS, QLD Health and Department of Primary Industries are current users of this service.

The courses are held at the offices of the requesting organization, at an agreed date. Participants are restricted to around a maximum of 6, in order to have the time to give some individual tuition on actual cameras used. Running time is approximately from 0900 to 1600 with time after for individual questions and problem solving. Courses can be tailored to give more weight to certain aspects important to the organization, like macro, or portraits, or studio objects, or film cameras, and time can be lengthened or split over two days as suits. Participants need to bring the relevant cameras and some good and some failed images on disk, to discuss and learn from.

The cost for a standard one day course is fixed at a current total of A$450 plus relevant travel allowance for offices outside the Cairns to Mareeba area. (For a typical 6 person course this is only A$75 per person.)

Please contact Paul Zborowski to discuss your individual needs and timing.


Were you ever frustate about photos like this?

The course will teach you how to always take photos like this:


Do you want to be able to always master which part of your photo is in focus?



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