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Bugs Alive Exhibition

From 6th of March the Museum Victoria in Melbourne is hosting an extravagant exhibition of all things insect, entitled BUGS ALIVE. Among hands-on, preserved and moving exhibits, will also be a large selection of images by Paul Zborowski from Close-Up Photolibrary.

Bugs Alive Exhibition
Bugs Alive Exhibition

Bugs Alive Exhibition

The opening 'mascot' shot is the very furry native bee known as the 'teddy-bear' bee.

Bugs Alive web site

Borneo Expedition

In October 2003 I returned to the rich photographic habitat of the rainforests of Borneo. I spent 2 weeks at the Mulu area in central Borneo, famous for the world's largest caves, and still unlogged forests teeming with wildlife. The library now contains even more of the bizarre and beautiful small creatures that inhabit deepest, darkest Borneo.

The bizarre lantern bug of Borneo


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